The most efficient combination of telephony and CRM

The CTI integration into your telephone system simplifies your daily business significantly. You make phone calls directly from PisaSales CRM with a click of the mouse. For incoming calls, the stored contact data record is determined in PisaSales CRM on the basis of the telephone number transmitted by the caller. Via a popup you can immediately see who is calling, you can jump to the customer file with one click, open a key figure cockpit for the customer, create a service ticket and much more. If desired, the connection data for the individual telephone calls can be logged and evaluated.

Easy Integration with PisaSales CRM Phone and Skype for Business 

  • You know exactly who is calling before they answer the phone
  • Relevant information about the call partner is displayed
  • With one click you jump to the customer file or the key figure cockpit of the customer
  • Skype4Business is fully supported for outgoing and incoming calls

In a Matter of Seconds You'll Be Clued Up

You Can Inform Yourself Directly in the File of Your Conversation Partner about History, Events in Sales, Marketing or Service. 

A graphical status bar informs you, for example, whether escalated service notifications or open quotations from the customer exist. The customer cockpit provides you with current key figures at company level from the dimensions of marketing, sales, and service. If the system is not able to identify the caller uniquely by telephone number, a selection is automatically offered for searching for the caller in the database. The telephone history of all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls is also recorded.

Skype for Business 


The PisaSales CRM is already prepared for the use of Skype for business. The server component for Skype4B is already implemented in the standard version. This provides a CTI variant for telephony with Skype4B. By dialing a phone number in PisaSales CRM the Skype mask pops up and the call can be made over it. For incoming calls the Skype mask shows the contact if he is registered in the system.