Digitally Organize
All Business Processes
in Sales, Marketing and Service

Every industry has its own special characteristics in terms of Customer Relationship Management. The retail sector places special demands on suitable CRM software. More than in many other industries, excellent customer relations and high process efficiency are decisive for the success of trading companies. PisaSales CRM helps you to focus on your customers, dealers and sales potential. PisaSales CRM is your central system with which you can record all data about your customers, dealers, prospects, competitors, suppliers, products, partners and more and digitally organize all business processes in sales, marketing and service. The knowledge thus managed in a central, cross-departmental system in conjunction with further information, which you can integrate into PisaSales CRM, for example from your ERP or merchandise management system, forms the basis for a 360° view of all business partners. This makes professional sales control possible.

For example, you know at any time which products are in a positive or negative trend, what the general buying and payment behaviour of your customers and dealers looks like, which cross- and upselling products you should offer in the next newsletter mailing or which sales areas in a certain division have not generated sufficient sales. Your sales force can thus prepare perfectly for an individual consultation and is supported by modern CRM apps for Smartphones & Tablets. Visit reports can be entered paperless and, depending on the answers entered, can automatically trigger processes.

Numerous analytical possibilities about sales trends down to article level, evaluation of sales territories or the presentation of sales on a map help you to gain valuable information for your operative business and to make fact-based strategic decisions.

What the PisaSales CRM Can Do for Your Retail Company

  • 360° view of customers, dealers, competitors, sales partners and more
  • fast and central access to all information from the customer or dealer history as well as contracts, offers, campaigns, etc.
  • common knowledge base across departments and locations
  • modern and easily customizable user interfaces for high user acceptance
  • fast selection of target groups for marketing campaigns such as special sales, customer loyalty programmes, newsletters, etc.
  • time-saving creation of individual offers
  • mobile CRM via smartphone and tablet with practical field service functions – online & offline
  • powerful product and performance database for central management of products down to item level
  • comfortable contract, product and condition management
  • record key figures about competitors and their products
  • fast evaluations and clear graphical dashboards including trend analyses
  • connection of customers, dealers, partners or suppliers via own web portal solution
  • interfaces to ERP systems, BI tools, compliance software, office applications, etc.
  • fit for international use: multilingualism, multi-currency capability, support of time zones, etc.
  • standard functions for legally compliant handling of the EU-DSGVO