Success-Oriented Sales Management

Only those who know what is happening in the market, what business opportunities and offers are currently open, how the competition behaves and what the current forecast looks like, can be really successful in sales. The PisaSales CRM offers you the appropriate tools for this purpose! The system supports your entire sales process – from incoming inquiries and lead management to sales force management and quotation to the order.

The Optimal Tool for Your Sales Management 

  • Comprehensive control possibilities thanks to more transparency on the entire process line
  • With the evaluable visit reports, you always know what is moving the market and where there is new potential
  • You have always an eye on all details – products / services requested and sold, expected turnover, open to-dos, known competitors, involved players etc.
  • Comprehensive evaluation options such as forecast and trend analyses as a basis for fact-based decisions
  • Flexible workflows allow you to control work processes in an active and efficient way

Modern Sales Management

All key figures required for sales management are centrally accessible in PisaSales CRM.

For example, information gathered by your field staff while visiting the customer can be systematically incorporated into your operational and strategic decisions. The customizable sales cockpit serves both sales management and individual sales employees as a source of information for optimizing personal work, but also as a basis for strategic sales control.

Recognize Trends 

Act Instead of React 

Which customer segment has developed well? Which customer segment has dropped? Which divisions were successful, which were not? Which products or services should be marketed more actively? The Trend Center in PisaSales CRM provides you with the answers to all these questions. This provides you as a sales manager with a tool that shows you positive and negative trends with a click of a button. This allows sales potentials as well as cross- and up-selling opportunities to be quickly identified.

Control Your Sales

PisaSales CRM shows you all open sales transactions (business opportunities, quotes and orders) with all information important for sales control. In addition to a list display, the software also offers you a graphical sales funnel that shows you at a glance whether your sales process is working or where there may be weaknesses. With just a few clicks, you have a 360° view of all sales activities, can filter and evaluate them according to various aspects and thus always maintain an overview.

Reliable sales forecasts have never been so easy! With just one click, you can also see which products and services have been requested in the respective business opportunity, and what the scope of the offers and orders is.

Define Sales Processes With a Mouse Click

With PisaSales CRM, defining best-practice workflows is easily done. Depending on the status of a quotation process, for example, standard tasks and resubmissions can be generated automatically, helping colleagues and employees to structure their daily work. In this way, you can ensure, for example, that offers are always followed up within a certain period of time or that inquiries are consistently pursued. The system can also provide users with document folders containing, for example, templates, checklists, forms or product information directly at the process. The system thus automates routine tasks and ensures the necessary process efficiency in the background.