In-House Training

The PiSA sales training offer supports the optimal and effective introduction of PisaSales CRM in your company. After all, only a CRM system that is actively accepted by the users brings lasting added value. Our goal is to train and support your employees on the user level in basic usage as well as in special topics.

Your Benefits

  • We offer you an excellent, comprehensive training program that makes it easy for you to get started with PisaSales CRM
  • In addition to the theoretical basics, you will primarily learn the practical handling of the software and receive valuable tips for your daily business
  • The support and implementation of in-house training courses is carried out by our competent training department. Our professionally and didactically qualified trainers have many years of experience in the CRM industry and will be happy to assist you in word and deed

Our training courses are usually part of an order project and are carried out at your site as part of the introduction of PisaSales CRM

The form of key-user training is highly successful. You can choose to train selected users, so-called key users. After the training, they will pass on their knowledge to their colleague, following the train-the-trainer principle. In addition, key users act as multipliers and contact persons. The end users are thus reached quickly and can be trained with real data on a test environment which is very close to the future productive environment of PisaSales CRM and with which all functions of the CRM system can be communicated.

As a customer, you can of course book additional training dates as refresher courses or for an extended user group in addition to these initial training courses as part of the project introduction. On request, we can also provide training for all end users. Individual training can also be arranged to teach you how to use the solutions that are specially adapted to your needs. For this type of training, please calculate an appropriate training and preparation time of the trainer. Within the scope of a maintenance contract or extended support contract, you have the opportunity to participate in the regularly held training webinars at no additional cost.

Flexible Training Boxes

The training contents are divided into flexible blocks which can be combined to form an individual training offer according to your main focus of application. In the following you can get an overview of all training blocks from the area of user training.

Basis-Anwenderschulung I

PiSA sales Einführung

  • Einführung
  • Recherchefunktionen
  • Interne Daten
  • Entry Portal, Kalender
  • Kontaktmanagement
  • Ad-hoc-Listen
  • Aktivitäten erstellen
  • Nachrichten, Pinnwand
  • Korrespondenzen
  • Vorlagen (Berichte)
  • Dokumente & Mappen

Basis-Anwenderschulung II


  • Filter
  • Watchlists
  • Ausblick Auswertungen


  • Desktop-Integration
  • E-Mail, Telefon/CTI
  • Groupware (Microsoft Office, Outlook etc.)


Durchführung & Verfolgung von Marketingaktionen

  • Telemarketingkampagnen, Publikationen, 
  • Veranstaltungen
  • Workflows
  • Teilnehmerstatus
  • Kontaktlisten
  • Marketingkalender

Messe-Assistent inklusive App

  • „Projekt-Mappe als Budget-Mappe“
  • Kampagnen

Jahres- & Budgetplanung

  • Veranstaltung
  • Messebericht
  • Messe-App
  • Kontakt-Import

Mailings & Inxmail Professional

  • Serienmails
  • Personalisierte Fragebögen-Links
  • E-Mail-Marketing mit Inxmail

Reporting, Auswertungen & Cockpits für das Marketing

  • Reports
  • Cockpit


Anlage & Verwaltung von Vertriebsvorgängen

  • Geschäftschancen, Angebote, Aufträge
  • Workflows
  • Rechte-Konzept
  • Vorgangsbeteiligte (inkl. Mitbewerber)


  • Lead-Import (z.B. Web-Anfrage, E-Mail etc.)
  • „Vom Lead zum Kunden“
  • Anfrage-Portal


  • Angebotsfunktion
  • Angebotserstellung
  • Mitbewerberverwaltung


  • Pipeline in der Praxis
  • Übersichtsliste der Vertriebsvorgänge
  • Verkaufstrichter (ideal/real)
  • Sicht auf Produkte/Leistungen
  • Standard-Berichte
  • Report Center >> Forecast


  • Cockpits für den Vertrieb
  • Drill-Down-Utility, Trend-Center
  • Reports


  • Planungsobjekte/Planungseinheiten
  • Formularfunktionen
  • Planung öffnen/neu anlegen
  • Cockpit-Elemente



  • Reklamation und Tickets
  • Serviceangebot anlegen
  • Servicemeldung/Angebot/Auftrag
  • prozessunterstützende Objekte im Service
  • FAQs, Fehlerkatalog, Fehlercodes

Nicht-planbare Serviceprozesse

  • Servicemeldung erfassen, qualifizieren
  • Serviceangebot, Serviceauftrag
  • Serviceeinsatz

Planbare Serviceprozesse

  • Wartungstermine
  • Serviceangebot, Serviceauftrag
  • Serviceeinsatz
  • Vertragsmanagement

App für Service-Rückmeldungen & Zeiterfassung

  • Rückmeldung
  • Abrechnung
  • Zeiterfassung

Ressourcenplanung & Vertragsverwaltung

  • Ressourcenplanung in der Plantafel
  • Termine in der Plantafel
  • Vertragsverwaltung

Abbildung der Kundeninstallation

  • produktbezogene Sicht (Installationsdatenbank)
  • Kundeninstallation

Reporting, Auswertungen & Cockpits für den Service

  • Reports
  • Cockpit



  • Vorbereitung (360°-Sicht)
  • Routenplanung, Routenliste
  • Kundenbesuch
  • Besuchsbericht

Außendienst via App für Smartphone & Tablet

  • Grundaufbau, Menü
  • Vorbereitung, Kundenbesuch
  • Filter-Cockpit
  • Besuchsbericht


  • Bearbeitung, Statusverwaltung, Versionierung
  • Strukturierung, Oberdokumente
  • Dublettencheck
  • Rechte-Verwaltung
  • Versand/E-Mail-Anhang

Assistent für Besuchsberichte

  • Nachbereiten von Terminen, Veranstaltungen etc.
  • Teilnehmerverwaltung
  • Lesen und Kommentieren

Kollaboration am Prozess

  • (Push-)Nachrichten, Pinnwand
  • gekonnt synchronisieren
  • Rechte

Fragebögen für Anwender

  • Fragebögen planen
  • Fragebögen anlegen, verwalten
  • Fragebögen nutzen (Vorlagen)

Our training concept

The objectives and planning of our training courses follow the learning form of integrated learning (blended learning), which combines the advantages of classroom training and e-training. Within the scope of a classroom training, knowledge is conveyed to you in a condensed form. Our e-training platform – PisaSales academy – can be used both for individual preparation for classroom training and for repetition or consolidation. Short video units and clear PDF short instructions are available to you here.

Training programmes for every need

In addition to the user training courses, we also offer administrator and customizer training courses. In administrator training courses, PisaSales administrators learn to manage the system independently and to make basic settings for the tasks and needs of the end users.

The customizer training is addressed to system administrators who are enabled to add objects to PiSA sales or to adapt existing objects and thus to make profound changes in the system.