With Activity Management You Increase Your Efficiency 

In PisaSales CRM, all your activities such as open to-dos, appointments, telephone calls, tasks and completed activities are managed in a central system. 

With just a few clicks, for example, you can create new tasks and delegate them to colleagues or teams. PisaSales CRM supports you to work much more efficiently and to organize your daily work better. For this purpose you have a personal calendar, a team calendar and a reminder function at your disposal. From stored workflows, the software can automatically create and schedule activities and delegate them to the appropriate places. As a supervisor, you can always see the degree of processing of your team’s worklist and can intervene if necessary. All activities that have been planned, delegated and processed in the system are automatically stored as history, e.g. at the customer, but also at the respective activity. In this way, even after months or years, it is still possible to trace who had which activity with whom and when.

Collaborate accomplish everything more efficiently

  • Plan, organize and complete all tasks, appointments, telephone calls and correspondence in one central system
  • Modern team and personal calendar
  • Bidirectional coupling to Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Gmail
  • Creation and management of contact or transaction-related activities
  • Delegate, monitor and track activities
  • Definition and control of workflows depending on transaction status


Personal and Team

For the planning of your appointments and telephone calls, PisaSales CRM provides you with a personal calendar and a team calendar.

Both calendars are of course synchronized with your Outlook, Lotus Notes or G Suite calendar. With one click you can switch between the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly view. You can create new appointments or phone calls simply by “winding-up”, just as you are used to from your previous appointment management program. If you want to know more about a calendar entry, simply move your mouse pointer over it. 

A small window will open in which you can see details such as the participants or the linked activity. A double-click opens the appointment or telephone call and offers you further editing options. In both the personal calendar and the team calendar you have the option of displaying the shared calendars of other colleagues over your own. This function is ideal for finding a shared free appointment, for example. The appointment finding function in the team calendar offers you even more comfort when finding appointments. It suggests a suitable time window at the push of a button and creates the appointment with the desired participants with a further click.

The Entry Portal 

Your Digital To-Do List

The Entry Portal opens – just like the two calendars and the mailbox – in a separate second browser window and can therefore be easily placed on a second screen. This is your activity list for a day, a week or a month. There you can see all open appointments, phone calls and tasks, but also correspondence such as e-mails for which you are responsible. All activities whose due date has been exceeded are displayed as “escaled”. Supervisors can view the Entry Portal of their subordinate employees.


Into Your E-mail Program Or a Groupware

The standard coupling of Outlook/Exchange, Lotus Notes and the G Suite allows you to synchronize all contact information, tasks, appointments, memos and e-mails including attachments bidirectionally. Very user-friendly, the data is synchronized between PisaSales and your groupware at the push of a button. Appointments can be synchronized automatically, so it does not matter on which page an appointment is entered.

When synchronizing e-mails, the automatic assignment to contacts is just as possible as the linking to products, further contacts and processes (business opportunities, offers, orders, service messages or marketing actions). This means that e-mails are always linked to the right contexts and can be called up. The PisaSales system thus becomes the central location for e-mail archiving in the areas of sales, marketing and service.