User Interface

PisaSales CRM enables you to work efficiently with all information and processes stored in the CRM through its intuitive user interfaces. The characteristics of the user interfaces as well as the access rights to information and functions are controlled via roles and profiles. Thus it is possible to provide each employee with the perfect working environment for his or her area of responsibility. In the desktop client, users can also easily hide and show and regroup the menus, tabs, columns, etc. and thus adapt the system to their personal working methods. Of course, the PisaSales CRM apps for smartphones and tablets have a responsive design tailored to the respective screen of the device.

Meet GDPR Requirements Easily 

Thanks to an Attractive Interface 

  • User interface in modern material design
  • Comprehensive adjustment of user interface and menus by click
  • Responsive design of mobile CRM apps on smartphones and tablets
  • Multilingual user interfaces for international use
  • Largely barrier-free

Customize Your User Interface Easily 

To be able to do your work with as few clicks as possible, PisaSales CRM offers you many possibilities to quickly adapt your user interface to your needs. Sidebars can be easily hidden and shown again at any time. Menus that are not required or individual submenu items can also be shown or hidden and their order can be changed. You can also regroup lists, show and hide tabs and columns and change their order – just like you are used to in Excel.

User Experience Is Everything 

The correctly configured user interface of PisaSales CRM ensures a significant acceleration of your work steps. For this reason, we advise every user to use the available customization options to configure his or her personal CRM system in a few minutes. Simply defining the most frequently used functions as favorites saves many clicks over time. Since the individual masks are designed in such a way that each user always has quick access to the information necessary for his work,  long mouse clicking is avoided. 

In case of individual adjustments of fields and functions, we always take care together with our customers to find the optimal solution for the user. In this way we ensure that the excellent usability of the standard system is not impaired even in the system adapted to your needs. Do you still not know what to do? The desktop client provides context-sensitive help, tool tips on almost every interface element and a direct link to the e-learning platform