Your Personal CRM Cockpit

The PisaSales CRM shows you your current key figures in the form of a clear, individualized cockpit directly after login.  

For example, you can see immediately how much turnover you have personally generated, how many offers you have made per month, how much your order volume is, which activities are currently running with your business partners, how many customer visits you have made, which marketing action generated how many leads and much more. PisaSales CRM already provides you with an extensive selection of pre-configured cockpits in the standard version, which you can easily select and customize. This means that every employee always has his or her area of responsibility in view. From the management to the department management to the individual employee. Sophisticated access management ensures that you only see the data that is relevant to your job.

Flexible and Individual All Key Figures at a Glance

  • Easy selection of different data sources
  • Various forms of data presentation (speedometer, bar or pie charts, tables)
  • Central cockpit distribution by team leaders or administrators
  • Access control to cockpit elements and content data
  • Ad-hoc adaptation of individual evaluations with just two clicks

Global view of your data

With its user and company cockpit, the drill-down center, as well as the sales funnel, the forecast analysis and the trend center, PisaSales CRM offers a comprehensive data warehouse solution to all users and responsible persons, such as the management, marketing, sales and service managers. In addition to the personal cockpit, you have the option of evaluating the performance of your customers, partners and dealers in a special company cockpit. This direct key figure view of individual companies offers you extensive possibilities, for example, in key account management. All cockpit elements are individually configurable and can be parameterized simply by clicking.

Analysis Made Easy

The PisaSales standard offers a multitude of preconfigured cockpit elements that can be used immediately. Your administrator has the possibility to easily pre-configure cockpits in order to distribute them to individual departments or users. If you wish, each user can also compile and configure his own cockpit according to his access profile. The element catalog can be customized and extended beyond the standard system by customizing.