The Drill-Down Center: Analyzing and visualizing complex data

Companies generate more and more data. Correctly evaluated, they provide an enormous knowledge potential.

PisaSales CRM offers you the possibility to evaluate and visualize even complex data with just a few clicks. The multidimensional evaluations of your company’s operational data stocks provide fact-based results that can serve as a sound basis for your decisions. In the Trend Center, you can further process the drill-down results, for example, to identify sales trends at country, regional, customer, division, or product or service level.

Data analysis at a glance

  • Multi-dimensional search via processes (business opportunities, offers, orders), customers and products
  • Summarization using fields such as transaction status, sales manager, customer group, customer industry, customer region, product group or division
  • Temporal compression
  • Display of the result set in a fact table for further processing
  • Recognize trends and derive actions, e.g. on product, division, region, sales, customer or employee level
  • Actively compare values and observe trends

Actively compare values and observe trends

In the drill-down center, you can evaluate and summarize data on several levels in the three dimensions transaction (business opportunity, quotation, order), customer and product/service. This allows almost any analysis, such as the order value of products of a certain division by customer. Once defined, analyses can be saved and made available to other colleagues and teams. The system displays the analysis results in a clear fact table that covers all selected dimensions.

Recognize Trends Easily

In the drill-down center, you define from which perspective and how detailed you want to view CRM data. With just a few clicks, you can define multidimensional analyses, refine and summarize the results, and present them in compact form. Based on this analysis, the system now shows you trends in various dimensions. For example, current sales data such as incoming orders or quotation values are compared with the values of previous years. You can now start targeted marketing campaigns, derive measures for sales development, or make strategic decisions.