Knowing what is ordered and when!

Visualize the pipeline – i.e. all business opportunities or opportunities and offers – in sales and service as a sales funnel according to weighted or unweighted sales.

By including “Go” and “Get” probabilities you get a reliable forecast of the expected sales. You can immediately see the status of your business opportunities, quotations and orders and which products and services they relate to. Thanks to the transparency gained in this way, you can now actively control your sales activities based on comprehensible facts.

Goal-Oriented Pipeline Analysis in Sales & Service

  • Present Sales & Service Pipeline as a funnel by weighted and unweighted sales volume
  • Identify weaknesses in the sales process immediately based on the real funnel view
  • Comparison of offer and order volume
  • Navigate to the underlying processes at all forecast cockpit elements with a click

Identify and eliminate weaknesses with the help of the real funnel view

For the optimization of sales control, the sales & service pipeline is visualized either as real or ideal funnel. The representation of the real funnel corresponds to the actual expected sales and offers you the added value of being able to see at a glance whether your forecast is “healthy”. Perhaps you need to invest in lead generation or have capacity problems with the preparation of offers?

Forecast, Pipeline Overview and Escalation Analysis in One Central System

Forecast analysis is now firmly established as a control instrument in modern sales. In order to achieve the highest possible forecast quality, PisaSales CRM works with different sales phases, which in turn are divided into different levels of maturity or status. Depending on your access rights, you can see in a central list either your personal pipeline, the pipeline of the team, the division or the entire company. In this condensed view, you can see immediately which transactions have overdue to-dos, when the last customer contact took place, what the status is, when the order is expected, what the weighted and unweighted turnover is, what the success probabilities are, who is the commercial agent and much more. You can jump directly from the list to the individual sales transactions and obtain further information. Summarized: A perfect overview list for every sales person in charge and sales manager!