Ad-Hoc Apps for the Field Service Support

Especially in the Field Service and the Upstream and Downstream Processes, Digitalization Can Bring Enormous Advantages. 

Already during the efficient planning of the service technicians and the digital transmission of the deployment data to the service team, you save time, avoid errors and increase the process speed and quality. On site, access to customer files and mission-relevant information helps you at work, even when there's no internet.The software-supported deployment also includes time and material recording as well as digital feedback of deployments of your customer service team. This benefits both your employees in the field, who can concentrate better on their assignments without tiresome paperwork, and your customers, who can be supported with exceptionally competent and prompt service. The service management has access to all information collected by the field service for analysis and can be used as a basis for control measures.

The Revolution for the Field Service Support

  • Seamless communication between office and field service
  • Direct access to the CRM system through the PisaSales service apps
  • Map display of addresses and product locations
  • Radius search and route planning can be combined with filters
  • Digitalized mission execution and recording of times, material etc.
  • Confirmation of service calls to the service department

Always Well Informed and Capable of Acting Competently

All Information Required for Service Work Is Available in a Few Moments with the PisaSales Service App. 

Intelligent offline functions make sure that the information relevant for your work is available even if there is no internet coverage. Beginning with service notifications (tickets) and service offers, the service order including the appointment, up to comprehensive data about the service-relevant product (installed base).

A FAQ database, access to the service history, product-specific documents, service contracts or an error code database ensure that you are always highly qualified to act on site. An additional app allows you to record time and provide a confirmation on the service work performed. A modern chat collaboration tool connects the field service with the office service. This enables efficient, time-saving and process-related communication.

Confirmation of service calls made easy

With the Service App, different times such as travel, work preparation, work, break and end of work for planned and unplanned assignments can be documented directly at the customer’s place or on the road. All times can also be entered and, if necessary, corrected afterwards for the respective working day. This ensures that a complete time bar is created which can be billed to the minute.

Of course, time recording can also be done offline. In addition, spare parts, used materials, purchased parts and expenses can also be recorded via the app. For further processing such as release and invoicing, the data is transferred to the office.