Industry 4.0 – Design Service Processes with PisaSales CRM

With Digitization in Service, You Achieve More Transparency, Shorter Processing Time and Higher Process Efficiency. 

The use of PisaSales CRM offers you the possibility to make data-based decisions. By digitizing processes, they become both transparent and flexible. This makes evaluations possible that seemed impossible just a few years ago. Based on the systematically obtained key figures, the quality of processes can be assessed and weaknesses can be detected. The possibility of re-implementing improved workflows and their continuous control, i.e. comprehensive, data-driven and continuous improvement, is also a significant added value from which the company and its customers benefit. Regardless of whether help desk, ticket management, inbound service or service deployment on site: PisaSales CRM supports you along the entire process chain. From the incoming support request, to access to the FAQ database, to the creation of the service offer and the processing of the service order. PisaSales CRM also fully supports the control of the service field service, the resource planning as well as their feedback. Find out how you can control your processes through digitalization and thus achieve real added value.

Professionalize Your Service through Process Digitalization

  • Service processes become transparent, automated if possible, more efficient and faster
  • 360° view of service history and products requiring service
  • PisaSales CRM apps for the service field service as a further milestone in your digitalization
  • Automated maintenance management
  • Optimal deployment planning of field staff, vehicles and tools
  • Electronic archiving of all documents in a central database

All Service Processes Centralized

A CRM Software Supports the Entire Process Chain in Your Service

In PisaSales CRM, you can seamlessly integrate all service processes – whether help desk, ticket and complaint management, repair service or service calls at your customer. Starting with the service notification and the service offer up to the planning and execution of service calls and their confirmation – all sub-processes are comprehensively mapped and efficiently controlled. An automatic progress display informs you of the current process status, and an integrated escalation management system warns you when due dates are exceeded. Transaction-specific archiving of related documents in a central database completes your service process.

Digitalization  begins with the competent reception of the service request

A service process usually begins with the recording of a service notification or a service ticket. Thanks to modern CTI, computer telephhony integration, the employees of your helpdesk are able to react quickly and reliably to customer inquiries. Already with the incoming call you can see who is currently calling and you can inform yourself very quickly about the customer and open service processes. An integrated FAQ and knowledge database as well as an error code database help you to find the optimal solution in seconds. You generate the service notification directly from the telephone call or an incoming e-mail. Now you classify your process according to the corresponding notification type (inquiry, complaint, malfunction, etc.) and store the information relevant for further processing, such as the error description, the affected service object or the corresponding customer contract. A workflow guides you conveniently through the entire process and ensures that the response times applicable according to the service agreement are adhered to.

Insights into the Customer History as a Basis for Your Actions

The knowledge of the customer history is the ideal way of effective customer retention and offers you a reliable basis for your actions. All interactions with your customer are strung together like a string of pearls. What’s more, the customer history in service provides quick access to all service processes linked to a contact person and, like a control room, provides important functions. 

Starting with the first step – the creation of a customer address – the history provides answers to the most important questions in building a valuable customer relationship at any time: Who communicated with whom via which channel and when and about what? Which products and services did the customer purchase? Which repairs, maintenance work etc. have already been carried out?

Optimized Communication between Your Field Technicians and the Back Office thanks to Mobile CRM

A mobile CRM is a further milestone in the digitalization of service processes and your path towards Industry 4.0. The collaboration platform enables seamless communication between the service field service and the back office. Your entire service organization benefits from this. The PisaSales service apps also offer fast access to all information relevant to the service field service: Starting with the customer’s contact data, through service notifications and service offers to the service order including comprehensive information about the service-relevant product. 

An FAQ database, access to the service history, product-specific documents, service contracts or an error code database allow the field service to always act efficiently on site. A time recording as well as the feedback of the performed service efforts and installed parts or materials for invoicing by the internal service staff is of course also available.