With the FAQ Knowledge Database, You Have an Ace up Your Sleeve

The FAQ Database Is the Central Knowledge Database for the Service and Supports Your Office Staff, Your Field Service and Also Your Customers via the Self-Service Portal. 

The experience of your service staff is collected in a central information pool and shared with other colleagues. The introduction or expansion of a knowledge database is ideally suited to implement or expand the process of knowledge assurance in the service area in a uniform and structured manner. The collection of solutions can be constantly supplemented by new entries from the helpdesk staff. Thus, useful suggestions for problem solutions flow together in one place, which otherwise would have to be researched individually and sometimes laboriously by support staff.

Discover the Benefits of a Centralized Knowledge Base

  • All FAQs are stored in a central knowledge database
  • Automatic determination of relevant FAQs when entering service notifications
  • Use FAQs to promote the exchange of knowledge between technicians and non-technical staff
  • Suggestion and release function for the continuous expansion of the knowledge base
  • Access to FAQs also via the PisaSales Service App

Quick and Easy Problem Solving

Relevant FAQs Can Be Quickly Determined or Stored at the Service Notification or Ticket. 

With the help of this knowledge database, not only can service requests be processed and problems solved promptly, but the efficiency of helpdesk and ticket management workflows can also be increased. Your support staff can provide your customers with a detailed answer for almost every request. Access to this central knowledge base significantly accelerates the ticket processing process and also the on-site deployment of your field service, so that the case can be dealt with at short notice.

Tag Your FAQs for Easy Searching and Indexing

To work efficiently with FAQs, they must be found quickly and easily. To ensure this, PisaSales CRM suggests the appropriate FAQs already when entering a service notification or ticket. Additional tagging, links to related FAQ entries and a high-performance full-text search ensure quick access to the right information. After creating a FAQ, a list with keyword suggestions can be opened. 

The PisaSales CRM determines suggestions by evaluating the contents of the fields keyword, question, answer and product selection. A list is then validated and your service employee selects suitable keywords. In case of a future service request with a similar problem, a quick search is sufficient and the customer’s problem can be solved quickly.

Collect and Share Your Know-How 

With a knowledge database you can store the experiences of your employees and facilitate problem solving and the pre-evaluation of service measures. Both technicians and other employees can benefit from the archiving of problem solutions, as an internal transfer of knowledge is guaranteed. 

The resulting performance improvement not only has a positive effect on your customers. The improved internal employee communication also ensures a long-term consolidated organizational structure in your business unit.

Knowledge Management for Your Field Service Support

The PisaSales service app offers your service field staff fast access to all information required for service work and allows you to act in a highly qualified manner at your customer’s site. Documents belonging to an FAQ or media files such as videos can also be called up with the service app and optimally complete the information in the knowledge database.