Easy Acquisition of Trade Fair Leads and Semi-automated Post-processing 

For mobile lead recording – e.g. at trade fairs – an app is available that allows you to quickly record contact data, conversations and drawings or photos, even if there is no Internet connection at the time. Since at many events only a weak network is available, the app can be used completely offline. As soon as a network is available again, all recorded trade fair reports can be synchronized with the Enterprise system.

Modern and Digital Instead of Pen and Paper 

  • Capture contact information by photo (OCR and QR code) from business cards
  • Recording of conversations and needs via customizable questionnaires
  • Generation of e.g. tasks and messages depending on the recorded response
  • Use of an offline and online media library with videos, PDF catalogues, product descriptions etc.

Make Your Report Go Faster 

You have never recorded trade fair reports so quickly and efficiently before. Simply photograph the business card of your conversation partner. With the integrated OCR text recognition or QR code reader, the contact data can be read out very easily. Manual typing is a thing of the past. Using freely configurable questionnaires, you can quickly and easily document the content of conversations and wishes. 

The special thing: Depending on the recorded answer, you can trigger processes fully automatically. For example, if your counterpart wants a quotation, a corresponding task for the internal sales force can be automatically generated from the questionnaire. Of course, the data collected in this way is stored in PisaSales CRM at the corresponding event and the respective contact can be analyzed and evaluated in almost any way. This enables, for example, a well-founded lead evaluation or a transparent cost-benefit analysis of the individual trade fairs. Use videos, brochures and product information in your discussions, which you can call up from an integrated media library at the touch of a finger. You can also capture photos and documents with your device’s camera and add sketches or comments. Simply dictate notes into the appropriate fields using your device’s Speech-to-Text solution.