Define Target Groups

Especially in marketing, comprehensive and yet easy to use options for target group selection are of great importance. PisaSales CRM offers you a range of tools for this purpose, which are flexible and powerful in your hand. This gives you the possibility to set simple or highly complex filters for all persons and companies in the system. Selections are possible for all master data, characteristics and relationships. Queries such as “show me all customers in sales area X from industry sector Y who have bought product Z and have not had a sales call within the last 3 months” are possible without further ado.

Know Your Target

  • Simple definition of any target groups
  • Powerful filter tool
  • Ad-hoc lists for multi-level filtering
  • Innovative proximity search with filters can be combined

Choosing the Right Target Group 

Modern marketing avoids wastage. PisaSales CRM offers you a powerful filter tool for the selection of the perfect target group. Define filters across the entire CRM database, across almost all fields and relationships. You can use these filters ad-hoc or save them for later use and thus make them available to other colleagues.

You can define important filters for an active watch list with a simple click. The system now automatically updates the result set so that you can, for example, address the resulting target group in marketing campaigns even faster. Using the proximity search, you can select people and companies around any location within a definable radius. Combined with a freely selectable filter, this function becomes an invaluable aid, e.g. in the preparation and invitation campaigns for trade fairs and events. A special highlight in the area of selection and filtering is the multi-level search. Based on all contacts, you can quickly determine your desired target group by means of multilevel filtering.