Reports & Analyses 

The success of marketing campaigns is measurable today as never before. Analyses and status reports at runtime and at the end of the marketing process chain are indispensable for advertising success control and the efficient use of budgets. PisaSales CRM provides you with powerful tools that enable you to carry out a wide variety of evaluations. All key figures necessary for your work are always up-to-date in your personal user cockpit: Target/actual comparisons, graphically prepared filter results, annual comparisons, drill-down analyses and much more. In this way, you keep your budget under control and can take immediate action if a marketing campaign gets out of hand. Reports on the success of your work are just as quickly created and can be saved ready for presentation.

Better Decisions With the Right Marketing Controlling

  • Comprehensive evaluations and analyses at campaign or event level as well as in lead management
  • Budget controlling via plan value / cost comparison
  • Droll-down analyses over several dimensions
  • Marketing evaluation elements in the personal cockpit

Get More From Your Marketing Budget

The famous industrialist Henry Ford coined the quote at the time: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”

Users of PisaSales CRM know that this hasn’t been true for a long time. Comprehensive analysis options show very precisely which marketing expenditures are worthwhile and which are better not to be repeated. Starting with the evaluation of the participant status at events and telemarketing campaigns up to the analysis of the click behavior of serial e-mails. Even at the level of individual marketing campaigns, you often know at runtime how successful your work is. In lead management, you can easily understand from which channels business opportunities, offers and orders originate and what the conversion rate between the individual sales phases is. This transparency enables you to achieve more with less budget!