Efficient Marketing Planning

PisaSales CRM enables you to control all marketing activities centrally.This means that you always have an overview of all milestones, deadlines, tasks and dates. Via the team calendar you can see all activities of your colleagues and employees and know immediately who has free capacities and when. With a few clicks you can plan both personnel and non-personnel resources. Every marketing employee can manage his or her personal tasks and appointments via a separate digital to-do list. Follow-ups and reminder functions ensure that work is completed smoothly. Activity histories of events, publications or campaigns allow you to quickly track what has been coordinated with colleagues or external contacts and when. Appropriate functionality is available for budget planning and budget controlling.

Planning, Controlling and Monitoring of Your Marketing Activities 

  • Efficient planning and control of the marketing team with the team calendar
  • Organization of all marketing activities via a digital to-do list
  • Budget planning and cost control including evaluations

Team Calendar 

The Team Calendar Is Also a Valuable Planning Tool for Marketing. It shows all appointments and telephone calls of a marketing team as interactive bars. Each employee can decide whether to view, change or create new activities. This allows each team member to consciously control their calendar. 

The team calendar thus enables the marketing management, but also team leaders, to view the calendar of their team members. This enables the availability of employees to be recognized and simple personnel planning to be carried out. In addition to personnel resources, non-personnel resources such as meeting rooms can also be planned and displayed in the team calendar. A particularly practical feature: A scheduling assistant finds shared appointments at the push of a button and enters them into the team calendar.

The Entry Portal 

Your Digital To-Do List 

In addition to the personal calendar, the Entry Portal, a personal digital to-do list, is also available for personal work planning. This is primarily an activity list in which the activities for a day, week or month of the logged-in user are displayed. This to-do list displays all uncompleted (open) activities for which you are responsible or for which you have been temporarily assigned. If the user is a participant in an appointment, he or she also sees this appointment in his or her Entry Portal. Superordinate employees can display the Entry Portal (the activities) of subordinate employees here. With just one click you can easily switch from the Entry Portal to the personal calendar, the team calendar or the PisaSales mailbox and vice versa. 

Working with this list is especially useful for employees and colleagues who are strongly task-driven. It also helps to always keep an overview of one’s own work and the work of the marketing team and, if necessary, to be able to take corrective action.

Marketing Budgets

PisaSales CRM provides budget managers in marketing with a powerful tool for planning marketing budgets and controlling costs. Built up in its logic as a tree structure, you can distribute your budget to various pots, such as social media, SEM, print advertising, events and telemarketing. In these pots you then organize the individual activities, ads, campaigns and trade fairs. You can assign planned costs and compare them with actual costs. Using a special check function and a practical evaluation element in your personal user cockpit, you can keep an eye on your costs and intervene in good time if they threaten to get out of hand.