Manage Telemarketing Campaigns Efficiently 

Telemarketing still plays a central role in direct marketing. The PisaSales CRM supports you in planning, execution and follow-up of telephone campaigns. All the information required for the campaign is available to both the management level and the telemarketing agents with a single click. A follow-up system with integrated escalation mechanism as well as CTI integration into your telephone system will definetly meet your desires.  

Make Your Telemarketing Campaign a Success

  • Internal and external telemarketing campaigns 
  • Call by click 
  • Caller identification thanks to CTI coupling with the telephone system
  • Evaluation of the campaign progress in real time
  • Recording of the connection data on request


For Your Business Needs

With PisaSales CRM, It Is Possible to Carry Out Both Internal and External Telemarketing Campaigns. 

For example, you can give an external call center restricted access to a telemarketing campaign in PisaSales. The agents thus work directly in the PisaSales CRM. So there is no need for a lead transfer via Excel. Team leaders can track the status of each contact person in the campaign at any time. A graphical evaluation shows the comparison of the target figures with the actual status of the campaign. Each telemarketing agent calls his contact persons with a click of the mouse and notes the result of his telephone call as free text or in a guided questionnaire. Of course, all recorded answers can be evaluated as desired.