The PisaSales Link to Your abas-ERP

Trust in our many years of experience in the integration of abas ERP and get to know a standard interface whose flexibility guarantees you maximum adaptability to changing requirements at any time. 

Thanks to the powerful coupling you profit from a smooth, robust and above all future-proof integration between your abas ERP and PisaSales CRM. In order to combine the advantages of PisaSales CRM for marketing, sales and service and the central administration of your business processes in the ERP system, we offer you a coupling to the abas ERP system which is unique on the market. The deep integration of both worlds seamlessly connects your contact and customer management, as well as your quotation and sales order data on the PisaSales side with the modules of your abas system and therefore offers cross-departmental advantages for your entire company. The interface is based on the innovative abas Java Objects technology, a Java-based framework. Thanks to the flexible architecture of the coupling, the standard interface scope can be adjusted according to your requirements.

Discover Your Benefits

  • Core of the interface is the modern technology of the generic PisaSales-abas-Connector
  • The bidirectional data exchange between the CRM and ERP systems is based on AJO technology
  • Asynchronous communication for data exchange that does not require an immediate response
  • Optional: synchronous communication for scenarios in which the result of a query, the update or creation of new data is immediately requested in abas ERP

A Flexible and Powerful Integration

Your Business Processes Are Changing? with the Integration of PisaSales CRM with Your abas ERP, You Don't Have to Worry.

Transfer of mass data, e.g. the one-time transfer of all customer master data from the abas ERP system

Automated updating of data in PisaSales CRM if they are maintained in the abas ERP system (cyclically or at any time)

Automated updating of the abas ERP data stock through a regularly running process, e.g. if the customer address, sales quotation or sales order data in PisaSales CRM have been changed

Query of individual attributes, e.g. to create a sales order created in PisaSales CRM in parallel in abas ERP; the sales order number generated in abas can be specifically queried and used as a reference

Determination of status information, e.g. if the business process plans to change the delivery status of an order in the ERP system also in the CRM system

Requesting selected data records, e.g. to request the invoice data from abas for a sales order managed in PisaSales CRM

Integration and High Reliability

Thanks to the simple field mapping and to flexible extensions through loader on XML technology, no jobs are necessary on abas ERP' side. The PiSA sale connectors ensure defined, consistent and verifiable communication. Lean back and relax - the temporary storage in buffer tables offers fail safety until the abas server is available again.