The ideal integration to your SAP-ERP

We created a flexible integration for your SAP-ERP that connects your contact and customer management, your offer and order data on PisaSales CRM side with the SAP modules MM, SD, FI and PM. 

Your added value: Through the smooth exchange of data, you reduce the total cost of ownership of your systems. The flexibility of the integration guarantees you maximum adaptability to changing requirements at all times. The integration of the modular CRM solution PisaSales in SAP environments is highly efficient thanks to the standard interface between the two systems. The PisaSales-SAP-Link was created more than a decade and a half ago as a result of comprehensive integration know-how, has been continuously further developed and has proven itself in numerous projects as a proven coupling. PisaSales CRM can also be efficiently and robustly integrated into all other ERP environments by using its own middleware, web service and XML technology.

The Integration Supports the Exchange of the Following Data Sets:

  • Customer master data (e.g. if new and regular customers are managed in SAP)
  • Supplier data (e.g. material price inquiries)
  • Bills of material (e.g. for recalculation of existing products or for the use of similar new products)
  • Quotes (e.g. if created in SAP and transferred to the CRM)
  • Orders including scope of delivery (e.g. when orders are created in the CRM software and transferred to SAP)
  • Price lists, contact persons, and much more

Modern Connector Technology 

The Core of  the PisaSales Link Technology Is a Generic PisaSales SAP Connector.

The connector is based on the Remote Function Call (RFC) technology. The bidirectional exchange of data between SAP and PisaSales is based on XML. The access to functionalities of SAP business objects is guaranteed via Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs). The synchronous communication for data exchange does not require an immediate response. Furthermore, a synchronous communication is available for scenarios in which the result of a query, update or creation of new data in the SAP system is required immediately.

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Your Advantages

The seamless integration to SAP-ERP of PisaSales uses a simple field mapping and customer-specific adjustments through XML technology and doesn't require any programming. A defined, secure, consistent and verifiable communication through PisaSales SAP-Connector is ensured. Optionally, we also offer the use of REST and SOAP web services.

Scenarios of customer-specific integrations

Several scenarios can be taken as example of the possibilities offered by data integration with PisaSales SAP Link. For instance, transfer of mass data, e.g. the one-time transfer of all customer master data managed in SAP. Also, the update of data records in the CRM database if they are maintained in the SAP system (cyclically or at any time). An automated update of the SAP database can be done as well via a regularly running process (job), e.g. if customer address, quotation or order data in PisaSales CRM have been changed. Furthermore, a query of individual attributes is possible to create an existing order in PisaSales CRM in parallel in the SAP system, the order number generated in SAP can be specifically queried and created as reference ID in addition to the PisaSales internal ID. Also, in order to determine status information, e.g. if the business process requires that the delivery status of an order in SAP be changed in the CRM system. Finally, you can request selected data records, e.g. the corresponding invoice data from SAP for an order selected in PisaSales CRM.

Integration of Web Services

For the coupling of PisaSales CRM with external systems, standard web services can be used in PisaSales CRM and adapted to suit the customer. Likewise, access to external web services from PisaSales CRM is possible by creating a web service client.