The PisaSales Interface to Your PSIpenta-Erp

As a strategic product partner of PSI Automotive & Industry GmbH, we provide you with a comprehensive PSIpenta coupling which is the result of years of development work.

 It supports the data exchange between the PisaSales CRM and your PSIpenta ERP for improved customer relationship management and seamless control of your internal processes. The integration of the modular CRM solution PisaSales in SAP environments is highly efficient thanks to the standard interface between the two systems. The PisaSales-SAP-Link was created more than a decade and a half ago as a result of comprehensive integration know-how, has been continuously further developed and has proven itself in numerous projects as a proven coupling. PisaSales CRM can also be efficiently and robustly integrated into all other ERP environments by using its own middleware, web service and XML technology. To support customer-specific scenarios, the existing interface can be expanded in cooperation with the customer to include any number of additional business objects, fields and functions.

The Interface to Your PSIpenta-ERP

  • Modern, robust and flexible at the same time
  • Comprehensive configuration and administration
  • Upgrade security is always guaranteed
  • Supports the three most used master data business objects and currently 15 basic data business objects
  • Extendable and can be adapted to individual customer scenarios
  • Offers high level multisite connectivity