Other Integrations

The integrations to other software systems offered by PisaSales are as diverse as your needs. 

Trust in our many years of experience! In the following you will find an overview of further couplings, which will be individually customized for you by our experienced employees according to your wishes and needs.

Never Again without! 

  • Echobot: Automatic data import instead of long searches and manual acquisition
  • Inxmail or Cleverreach: Send perfect mailings with qualified addresses
  • Google Maps, Bing, OpenStreetmap: Visualization of Geodata

Echobot Integration 

With Echobot CONNECT, You Can Find Comprehensive Information about Companies and Employees and Have Them Displayed in a Clearly Arranged Dossier.  

The integration with PisaSales CRM ensures that contact data is always up-to-date. The interface offers the possibility of a fast and reliable search for contact persons, companies, commercial register announcements, current news etc. All information can be automatically transferred to PisaSales CRM by function or by copy and paste control. When importing company and personal data, you can of course rely on the powerful PisaSales duplicate check, which prevents the creation of duplicates. Not only sales, marketing and service, but also all areas that depend on current and complete customer data appreciate the coupling very much. The cooperation of PisaSales CRM and Echobot guarantees a great saving of time and simplification of work in your daily business.

Email marketing integration with Inxmail and CleverReach 

As a powerful tool for your email marketing, PisaSales CRM integrates the software solutions Inxmail Professional and CleverReach. The interface supports you in sending personalized newsletters, automated email campaigns with, for example, classic product advertising, invitations, event announcements or press releases. The creation process begins in PisaSales CRM: In addition to contact data on companies and individuals, extensive functions for address selection are available for mailings tailored to specific target groups. These are transferred to Inxmail Professional and CleverReach. Using flexible newsletter templates, even sophisticated email designs can be easily implemented there. After sending, all recipient-related response data is available in PisaSales CRM and is linked directly to the recipient, the serial mail or the mailing channel. Thanks to the integration, a targeted and highly personalized customer approach is possible. Target groups are thus reached cost-effectively, reliably and accurately and response data is evaluated in the CRM system.

Geodata integration 

With the help of the PisaSales interface to various map services, the locations of companies, persons, appointments, but also the location of objects (buildings, construction sites) or products (machines, plants, etc.) can be displayed at the push of a button. In addition, a radius search is available which can be combined with any filters. Locations found are displayed on the connected map software. This makes it possible to plan travel for business appointments or to display the location of e.g. service appointments at the customer. Of course, geointegration and radius search is available on your desktop PC or laptop as well as on smartphones and tablets.

Interfaces for coordinate calculation and coordinate display exist for OpenStreetMap, MapQuest, Here, GoogleMaps, and Bing.